Good Mother And Successful Business Women

One hundred years ago, women were regarded as second-class citizens. They were encouraged to consider the interests of men people on their own. They were generally raised to become wives and mothers of full-time. Their options in life were very limited especially for girls of the working class who have had even less choice than their counterparts in the middle class. Girls’ education was limited to the three R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic with a bit of geography and history. The largest part of their time was awarded to domestic issues such as sewing, home management, cooking, laundry work and childcare.

The only contribution that women in these times would have been able to make supplement household income is taking in laundry or tenants or ask neighbors or friends to help them. Women often have large families and often went without food themselves to ensure that the husband has had enough. Life was very difficult especially as all the hard work involved cleaning tasks because there was none of the appliances that we now take for granted, like our washing machines and vacuum cleaners to name only a few. Heating and cooking were obtained through a fiery surface coal that involved heavy constant running windows full of coal. Men do not help women with household chores as was considered the work of women. But today women have made a great achievement in their careers. They are perceived as good mother and successful business women. You can find additional things you need to know to be a good mother at Joanna Shields.
Every successful woman believes in herself. Having the right attitude is everything, if you want to live life on the terms and not someone else. Are you ready to be different? Most women are very good, work nine to five, and most of your friends may tell you that you have a good job so why rock the boat? You must make a stand for yourself.

Another quality that she is the successfully woman compete with herself not with others, she does not compare to another person because she knows there is always someone to do better, it’s just a fact of life. It challenges itself to do better than it is good. She did not blame others for his failures when she fails, she thinks it over. She questions, ” what could I have done better?” Is one of the main sound, it’s never because of what someone else did, she knows she is in charge of things happening in her life. She is not a complainant. She is too busy creating a life. She knows that to complain is negative, negative, she will not.

A good mother and successful business women are not too critical of themselves or others, she knows where to draw the line when you advise someone else or criticize herself it is not for the destruction but processing on a higher level. She never Gossips about others, if she cannot tell the person face to face, she keeps her mouth shut. If she made a promise and he is going to bother to keep the promise, she keeps still (if it can).

A successful woman is never pretty, her state of mind is expansive, she really believes that there is enough abundance in life for all to share and when another woman is successful, she is happy to her, and even better than that, if there is something that she can do to help the other woman even more successful, the it is ready to help. When successful, it reaches with a hand to help others up, mentally, physically and materially. She is happy when others are happy. To really succeed in his eyes is first, take care of his health, in all areas of her life, she knows that she cannot really be beneficial to everyone if it is not in good shape to herself even. This woman is the kind of person who knows when to rest and when to keep on.